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Kristen O'Meara

Forthcoming book (2023):
The Healing Way:
A Path of Self-Transformation to Master Love

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Hello! I'm Kristen, and welcome to my website.


I am a spiritual counselor and practicing intuitive, and more importantly, a proud mama of Austin, a teenage boy on the autism spectrum. Being a parent of a child with special needs is a unique, magical, and challenging life to live. And often, what makes it most challenging is coping with the stress, fear, grief, and isolation that is endemic in the special needs parenting community.


After receiving Austin's diagnosis in 2009, I was depressed and grief-stricken. It was difficult to find any light until one day I realized it was all around me. What followed began a process of connecting myself and my son in a deeper way. I began to accept Austin's diagnosis and the stress of parenting as catalysts, activating old emotional wounds and deeper layers of trauma, cognitive distortions, and false inherited beliefs.


This moment of awakening was the first step on my journey. The further I explored myself from within, the more tools I needed to assist me. I discovered the value of self-reflective inquiry, meditation, intuitive development, and energy (spiritual) healing. Now, my passion is working with parents of special needs children/teens/adults who need support as they care for themselves and the ones they love.


The most powerful lesson I learned is that children with special needs are master teachers of their parents. They teach us simply by being in our lives. Parenting a special needs child challenges creates catalyst after catalyst that shakes us to the core. As difficult as parenting can be, we can learn the tools to help us cope with anxiety, doubt, and fear.


I’ve written The Healing Way: A Path of Self-Transformation to Master Love to share what I’ve learned and to help guide families and caretakers through a journey of acceptance and deeper connection.

Thank you for visiting my website. May your life journey be filled with curiosity, self-compassion, and magic.

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