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Kristen O’Meara is a MA in Counseling Psychology and has worked in nonprofit mental health and education for many years. She has certifications in mindfulness, clairvoyant reading and healing, Intuitive Touch Healing, and Reiki. Kristen works with parents of special needs children to support them in their personal, spiritual, and parenting development. If asked, she’d tell you her most important role is a mother of her son Austin who is her heart and joy. 


After receiving Austin’s autism diagnosis in 2009, Kristen worked through a long period of grief and subsequent awakening that allowed her to create the space to grow, heal, and foster a deep bond with her son. Bringing together her professional counseling and metaphysical training, her first book, The Healing Way, is the culmination of her decades of work in her family and beyond. 


Today Kristen and Austin are thriving. They live in Northern California with Grandma “Mima” and Ruby Rose the tortoise. They spend a lot of time talking about Pokémon and Transformers, watching movies, and going to comic book and crystal stores. 

About her forthcoming book


The Healing Way: 19 Powerful Lessons from Raising a Son on the Autism Spectrum That Transformed My Grief into Acceptance, Connection, and Joy.


The essential paradigm-shifting guide to transform the relationships parents and caregivers have with special-needs children in order to move out of survival mode and into whole-hearted acceptance and unconditional love for the life and the child they were meant to have.


Mother of a child with autism, Kristen O’Meara wrote The Healing Way based on 10 years of transformative internal work, an MA in counseling psychology, mindfulness training, and practicing the art of spiritual healing.


This guide includes 19 lessons to build self-awareness and emotional resiliency by engaging the reader with real-life scenarios, self-reflective writing prompts, visualization techniques, and recordings.


Readers will learn:


• How understanding our internalized limiting beliefs and expectations can lead to enormous breakthroughs in self-awareness and healing

• How using your intuition and self-reflective inquiry strengthens your emotional resiliency, and trust in yourself as you engage in complex parenting every day.

• How building objectivity and curiosity leads to creatively connecting with our children who may not communicate through speech, eye contact, or mobility

• How channeling your child’s higher self can help unlock a deeper connection with them and a better understanding of your life together

• And so much more


When Kristen’s son Austin was diagnosed with autism in 2009, she found herself in an unfamiliar world without a map, much like other parents do. After years of struggling in the darkness with feelings of loss, anxiety, and hopelessness, she had a spiritual awakening that put her on a path to grieve and ultimately accept her son’s diagnosis.


She discovered that healing meant changing her perceptions about autism and herself, and that her despair had much more to do with her own limiting beliefs than with Austin’s medical profile of autism. A flickering light appearing at the end of a long, dark tunnel. 


The Healing Way is a blueprint to transform your understanding of your child on a soul level, shed false beliefs, and embark on a new journey to enjoy life and love more.


Kristen now helps the heroic parents and caregivers faced with these challenges to connect with their children and with themselves from the heart.








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