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Kristen O’Meara is a MA in Counseling Psychology with certifications in mindfulness, clairvoyant reading and healing, Reiki IV, Intuitive Touch Healing, and other energy healing modalities. Kristen is a practicing intuitive, working with parents of children with special needs to support them in their personal and parenting development. If asked, she’d tell you her most important role is as the mother of her teenage son Austin who is her heart and joy.


After receiving Austin’s autism diagnosis in 2009, Kristen worked through a long period of grief and subsequent spiritual awakening that allowed her to create the space to grow, heal, and foster a deep bond with her son. Bringing together her professional counseling and metaphysical experiences, her first book, The Healing Way, is the culmination of her decades of work in her family and beyond.


Today Kristen and Austin are thriving. They live in northern California with grandma and Ruby Rose the tortoise. They spend a lot of time talking about Pokémon and Transformers, watching movies, and going to comic book and crystal stores. 

About her forthcoming book: The Healing Way: A Path of Awakening to Master Love (Oct. 2023)


When Kristen O’Meara’s son Austin was diagnosed with autism in 2009, she quickly became a newcomer in an unfamiliar world without a map— without knowledge of the lexicon or understanding of the specialists’ nuanced opinions. After months of struggling in the darkness with feelings of disconnection, loss, and anxiety, Kristen resolved to find a path forward to nurture a close, accepting, and bonded relationship with her son. As she initiated this process, she discovered that success would depend on her ability to change. This seismic shift in mindset allowed her to recognize the stresses of parenting as catalysts, with the power to trigger old emotional wounds, deep layers of trauma, and inherited beliefs. This new self-awareness allowed Kristen to invest in her intuition and build a meditation and energy healing practice to repair her psyche and create a deeply connected relationship with Austin.


Kristen now uses her experiences to help families connect with their special needs children and with themselves. The Healing Way is the culmination of her decades of work---a roadmap to help create deep nurturing bonds between special needs children and their families. Readers will learn:


• How channeling her son’s higher self has helped unlock a deeper connection with and understanding of her son’s needs

• How to heal ourselves to make space for more freedom, joy, hope, trust, and unconditional love in our families

• How to use your intuition, heart, and the prompts in the book to connect with our children


While the spiritual work that secures their relationship never ends, The Healing Way is a blueprint for families to embark on the process.


© 2023 Kristen O'Meara

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