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Podcast interviews

For Our Special Kids with Jen Lansink


Episode 5. Channeling Your Child's Higher Self

Episode 9. Mindfulness & Meditation for Better Parenting.

Mindfulness and Transformer Action Figures with Kristen O'Meara

 Hearing Voices, Clearing a Room, and Energy with my friend, Kristen O'Meara

"What's Wrong with Her?" with Kristen O'Meara




More about For Our Special Kids podcast:

Welcome! You are not alone on this journey with your beautiful, magical, inspiring, and, yes, challenging child.  We are with you... For Our Special Kids is a podcast for parents, caregivers, family, and friends living a life that only few understand, walking a path that few journey down, and loving a child that few will see with pure joy. Here you have the opportunity to share experiences, successes, ah-ha’s, heartbreaks, tears, and real-life moments as we consciously raise these little beings; these special bright lights. Join us for deep conversations aimed at raising the overall vibration of our collective consciousness by talking more openly and honestly about the magic and mess of parenting a child with special needs. We are thrilled to have you join our community and hope this provides you with inspiration, new ideas, tangible tools, and an opportunity to take a deep breath... for everything we do, is For Our Special Kids.




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