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Cohost Kristen O'Meara

Intuition Talks is a weekly podcast featuring relatable and real discussions about the path of self-discovery, personal development, and enlightenment.

Hosts Tina Moody and Kristen O’Meara are both authors, channelers, and students of the extraordinary path of manifesting one’s potential and living authentically. They share their insights of walking this path and trusting one’s intuition, take deep dives into relevant topics with special guests, and share channeled messages from Spirit to inspire you to trust in yourself and live with an open heart.

Find Tina on her website where you can also purchase her book, The Spiritual Awakening of an Analytical Mind. She is also on IG & FB @tinalmoodyllc.

We are @intuitiontalkspodcast on IG & FB or go to our linktree

What Folks Are Saying About Intuition Talks! (thank you!)

Really great content thus far. I would highly recommend! The cohosts have really good chemistry together. I enjoy the down to earth nature of such deep and spiritual experiences and information. I especially appreciate the openness to share such personal experiences and how practical and affective these spiritual practices can be. We need more of this! More of you two! Keep going and I’ll keep tuning in.


CNeep 11/18/2022 via Apple Podcasts

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