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Channeling Our Child’s Higher Self Protocol 

This protocol was channeled from a conversation I had with Austin's higher self. Experiment with this protocol and find ways to make it your own. 


Each step will help you become aware of, and tune in to, a unique feeling quality that your child possesses. This feeling quality is your way of creating a connection to your child’s higher self and soul to begin a conversation, like making a phone call. First, it is important to know that you are already communicating with your child’s higher self and soul all day long. You are doing so on a subconscious and intuitive level. And you are also aware of the “feeling quality” of your child as you communicate with her higher self throughout the day—you just haven’t made this awareness “conscious.” When you accept that this is a reality, and a truth, you will trust more in the process of communicating with your child’s higher self and do it more often.


Ask yourself: What feeling quality do I notice about my child when I’m sitting with her quietly, or when I think about her? Note: This feeling quality is not coming from the thoughts of your mind.

Example: When you sit with your child and allow the worries of the day melt away, and allow the worries of caregiving melt away, what feeling quality do you have when you sit with your child? This will be your tether to your child when you communicate with his/her higher self.


  • Sit with this feeling quality for a while. There may be more than one form of energy that you are connecting with intuitively, so sit long enough to find the right “resonance” that you attribute to your child. There may not be a “name” to attribute to this quality of feeling, and that’s okay. This step helps you develop a conscious awareness of your child’s feeling quality on a physical, emotional, intuitive, and mental level.

  • “Test” this feeling quality out. You can do this when you sit with your child and embody this feeling quality in your heart, holding it for a while. Is the quality of feeling in resonance with your child? You can also use your intuition, asking your soul “yes” or “no” questions.

  • Then go into meditation, or quiet contemplation, and sit with the feeling quality that is in resonance with your child. Feel it in your heart and body and let it expand to fill you.

  • When you have experienced the feeling quality of your child several times in stillness, you have your child’s “phone number,” so to speak, and you are now ready to dial it to make a call to her higher self.

  • Now, go into meditation or quiet contemplation (alone and free of distractions) with the intention that you are going to communicate with your child’s higher self. Allow the feeling quality that you attribute to your child to fill you up. Then invite your child’s higher self to come forward and wait for a response. Use your intuition to communicate with your child’s higher self. Make it simple, starting with a “Hello.”


When your child’s higher self responds, notice the quality of the voice you hear in your mind or the pictures you see, or the feeling you have in your body. The more you communicate with your child’s higher self or soul, the more familiar you become with the quality of her “frequency,” trusting that you have made a connection.


When you make a connection, have a conversation! Talk with your child’s higher self as you would with anyone else. Learn about your child in this unique and profound way. This is an aspect of your child that “feels” like your child but is also different. You will understand this more as you practice.

 Things you can do to support your channeling:

  1. Maintain a simple meditation practice. Read anything written by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Many years ago, I started my mindfulness training by taking a 101 course at Mindful Schools. I found it very helpful 101: Mindfulness Foundations 

  2. Develop your intuition. This will strengthen your channeling abilities.

  3. Journal after each communication to track the steps you took to connect with your child's higher self or soul. Again, there is a fair amount of practice involved, so it’s beneficial to recall what “worked” after your communication has ended. Writing down your conversations is also helpful. While reading over past communications, you may pick up on something new that you didn’t notice before, and helps you in your intuitive development and your journey of self-transformation.

  4. Be comfortable making adjustments to this process. The more you practice and experience, the more it will become “your own.” For example, you may find that being alone outside in nature is more helpful to connect with your child than being in your house. This is often the case for me. I like to find a tree or flowering shrub to focus on as I channel Austin’s higher self with my eyes open.


Most of all, have fun and enjoy this way of communicating with your child!

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