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Please note: I am on a hiatus until my book is published in the fall of 2024. 

I offer a wide range of services to support parents and caregivers of special needs children/teens/adults:

Spiritual Counseling: These sessions are tailored to address your issues and concerns to enhance your overall development. I offer 8-10 sessions to address psychological and spiritual blockages within the context of spirituality, validating and honoring your spiritual perspectives, beliefs, and practices. 


Spiritual Assessments: This is an eclectic offering utilizing my psychic and mediumistic abilities to help you with your spiritual development or unfoldment. 

Classes and workshops: In-person and online classes and workshops are modeled to guide parents and caregivers to know themselves in a different light - to know and trust their truth so they can welcome deeper insights that build broader perspectives - about anything - especially themselves, their child, and the life they are living.

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