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Please note: I am on a hiatus until my book is published in the spring of 2024. 

I offer a wide range of services to support parents of special needs children/teens/adults:

Spiritual Counseling: These sessions are tailored to address your issues and concerns to enhance your overall development. I offer 8-10 sessions to address psychological and spiritual blockages within the context of spirituality, validating and honoring your spiritual perspectives, beliefs, and practices. 


Spiritual Assessments: This is an eclectic offering utilizing my psychic and mediumistic abilities to help you with your spiritual development or unfoldment. 


Intuitive (psychic) Readings: I am clairvoyant by nature, so I use several different techniques to "see" your spirit or soul in present time. This allows me to voice your innate gifts, your potential, your contracted agreements, past lives, and how this information (in its many forms) validates where you are on your path now and helps you envision your next steps on your life journey. 

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