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Please note: I am on hiatus from channeling until my book is published in early 2024. Contact me to inquire and be put on a waitlist.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Channeling Your Child's Higher Self

My experience channeling Austin’s higher self has expanded to channeling for other parents of special needs children. However, anyone can benefit from receiving communication from the part of themselves that has a greater understanding of who they are, and the challenges that continue to call us to grow, change, and heal.

Why would you want to hear from your child's higher self or your own?

When I was working through layers of grief related to Austin's inability to talk, speaking to his higher self connected me to the part of him that could; a part that holds the ‘bigger picture’ of who he is as a person with autism and as a spiritual being in a body. I discovered the meaning and purpose of his life which lifted my spirit and opened my heart. I realized that my reaction to his diagnosis of autism was a catalyst calling me to see Austin in an entirely new light, and his higher self-inspired me to work through many lessons that came from this and other catalysts on my spiritual journey to heal.

Because his higher self has a 360-degree view of his life and my own, this communication has also helped me deepen my understanding of parenting, my expectations, and the blockages that were preventing me from healing myself. Moreover, as our higher self is what some call the "oversoul", it has full awareness of our physical incarnations, our soul’s evolution, and the life lessons we are being called to work on to evolve psychologically and spiritually in our lifetime.


Additionally, our higher self is an important guide in our lives. I liken it to our 'spiritual parent' who, like our soul, inspires us to raise our conscious awareness, open our hearts to love without condition, and live an authentic, balanced life.

What can you expect in a reading?

First, try not to have any expectations. It’s hard not to, but the messages will have more to offer if we suspend our expectations of them - and this includes me! 😊 It is the simplest statement that offers gems of knowledge and love for you. 

Generally speaking, the message you receive will be "the one you need to hear", from the divine perspective of your child's higher self. And this message is often directly related to you, the parent, and your life journey. 

Schedule a reading


First, let me tell you a bit about my method before scheduling a reading with me. When I channel, I prefer to do so alone and in quiet as it helps me maintain a deep trance state that’s necessary to “link” to the energy of one's higher self. So, I record the channeling and send it to you via email or Dropbox (or however you prefer). The session is approximately 30-40 minutes, and the fee is $75. 


In addition, we will schedule a follow-up 20-minute phone call so you have an opportunity to share your insights and ask any questions you may have about it. To schedule a reading, email me.


Reading your child's higher self is a wonderful way to learn more about you, your child, and your parent-child relationship. It can offer a new perspective that helps you understand "more." I am not a medical intuitive, so I advise you to seek help from a professional in that area. Lastly, and like all intuitive readings, take what resonates with you, and leave what does not. But I encourage you to listen to the recording several times as you may find "something else" that you hadn't picked up on before. 




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